More Praise

“Amazing midwives!”~Gina T.

“I want to have another baby just to have another Rainy City birth experience!! Yes I know that sounds crazy, especially because I already have 5 kids…but that’s how amazing Rainy City midwives are!~Mary H.

“We had an amazing experience with Rainy City Midwifery. As my husband put it, “these ladies are a National Treasure”. We transferred care from an OB practice in our first semester. The difference was night and day. Their personalized, warm attention was a joy during our pregnancy and their birth support for our home birth was amazing. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”~Cara K.

“The story included in our birth announcement can barely begin to describe the amazing journey that we shared. If every detail of your caring, loving and encouragement were included it would be a novel. I can’t picture having delivered our daughter any other way or with any other group of tremendous and courageous women! When I reflect on our birth I can hear all three of you say, “That’s the one, that’s the push” and it brings tears to my eyes – even now! I am so overwhelmingly impressed with the work that you have chosen to do. All of us mamas need midwives like you. Many, many thank you’s.”~Siri A

“I switched from a hospital birth to a home birth at 35 weeks, and I wouldn’t/couldn’t have done it without this amazing team of midwives! I loved each of them for what they had to offer and the care that they so lovingly gave. Sara was the midwife who caught my baby and I seriously could not have asked for a better experience. She had a calm, confident presence throughout my whole birth. She then answered my millions of post birth questions. I miss those ladies and will call them the second I am pregnant with number two!”~Katie D.

“My wife and I had a fantastic experience with Rainy City. They handled everything so well from the initial interview all the way through the delivery. We are extremely happy we went with them. The service post delivery has been friendly and enthusiastic. This crew provides great support and advice and I would encourage anyone to consult them about birth options.”~Phil M.

“I had my last 2 babies with the amazing women at rainy city. I cannot recommend their practice enough. With the my second to last child, I switched mid-pregnancy from another practice where I was disappointed with the care I received. The Rainy City team has a very rare combination of literally decades of combined hands on experience and deeply compassionate and loving wise women. I truly believe these women could take on the world, but they just want to help bring babies into the world. They know it’s the best job in the world, and there is no one better qualified!”~Sarah D.

“They are amazing. Decades of experience, lots of love and grace escorting our family through this pregnancy and birth. We felt very cared for by every person on staff. Thank you!”~Bethany P.

“They brought my first baby into the world, and I will work with them for my second. I felt comfortable from the moment I walked into their practice. Their care was exceptional, they were accessible and patient, and they worked hard to give me the birth experience that I wanted. Can’t say enough about these ladies, but I will say that it’s pretty telling when your baby is 3 months and you miss going in for appointments.”