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Is Home Birth Safe? Check out the latest research.

Another great home birth study – this time from the Canadian Medical Association Journal – Outcomes of planned home birth with registered midwife versus planned hospital birth with midwife or physician. “Women in the planned home-birth group were significantly less likely than those who planned a midwife-attended hospital birth to have obstetric interventions.” Click here to read the study.

You may also want to check out: Home Birth: An Annotated Guide to the Literature
Aug 2011. Vedam S, Schummers L, Fulton C. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: University of British Columbia;
This annotated bibliography provides citations and critical appraisal of original studies on home birth.

Midwifery in Washington

Bastyr University Department of Midwifery (Formerly Seattle Midwifery School)
Bastyr University Department of Midwifery provides information and educational services that support women’s acquisition of knowledge and skills to improve and sustain their health and well-being. The school offers training for women’s health-care providers that values pregnancy and birth as normal and healthy processes, honors women’s ways of knowing, respects the needs of adult learners, and promotes personal and professional development.

Midwives’ Association of Washington State (MAWS) Midwives’ Association of Washington State was formed to promote public and professional recognition of midwifery. Their website includes detailed information on midwifery in Washington state and listings of licensed and certified practitioners.


Co-Sleeping Leads to Breastfeeding Success (click on link to download a pdf summarizing the study highlights)