“I can’t say enough about these wonderful women! The midwives, the students, and the office staff are all FANTASTIC. I am forever indebted to them for the care they provided as we welcomed our first baby. We ran into some issues during labor which Sara handled so well. We were able to overcome them and have a healthy, happy home birth. We will definitely be seeing them for baby #2! Side note: I went to the emergency room for stomach ulcers around 32 weeks, and due to the stage of my pregnancy I was sent to the OB triage. The OB there asked who my provider was and when I told her Rainy City she replied “You’re in good hands. They’re the best in the city!”~Kylie W.

“Ladies, your positivity made it possible for me to do all I could do. We can’t thank you enough for helping us receive Alder into this world. Thanks for allowing me to believe in myself. Love, Kate”~Kate F.

“Strong, beautiful midwives at Rainy City, not only did you painlessly and flawlessly deliver my first born son, but you now stand as a symbol of how to be a calm, solid person who can support through suggestion. You are wonderful women to have met! Thank you.”~Blair M.

“Rainy City Midwifery provided the most amazing care throughout my pregnancy and helped us prepare our home, hearts, any bodies for the amazing journey to parenthood. While our birth didn’t go as “planned”, the midwives helped us make decisions along the way and supported our to transfer to a hospital. Despite not having the home birth, they never once made it feel like a failure. Something I hadn’t anticipated was the postpartum/newborn care–I thought since we transferred we may miss out on that part! However, they came to our home after we left the hospital, spent enormous amounts of time with us, ate lunch with us, and Lynn even took pictures throughout labor, of Porter as a newborn, and a photo to commemorate our “graduation” from their care. I’d be lying if I denied shedding a few tears… almost makes me want to have another just to be able to spend more time with them. Almost, I said. 😉 I’m sure we will see them in a few years!”~Katy R.

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