It’s Not Too Late to Switch!

Lots of expecting couples come to Rainy City having begun their prenatal care with an intention to give birth in a hospital setting. Something gets them thinking—news of a friend’s birth experience, watching “The Business of Being Born,” feeling unsatisfied with care that feels less personal than they had hoped for or touring a hospital-based “birth center” and finding it wasn’t at all like they expected. They find themselves considering the possibility of a home birth or a birth center birth in a freestanding birth center.

Feel free to contact us at any point in your pregnancy if you are considering a change. While we love to have as much time as possible to get to know you and for you to get to know us, we have potential clients come as late as 36 or 37 weeks with a last-minute desire for “something different”.

We currently have space in January and February and throughout the winter and spring.

Call us at 206.861.8300 for a free consultation or send us an email.